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Funding Partners

This website was made possible by the financial contributions of the following institutions:

Department of Canadian Heritage, Canadian Culture Online Initiative
University of Victoria
Office of the Vice-President, Research
Office of the Vice-President, Academic
Dean of Humanities
Université de Sherbrooke
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto

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University of Victoria History Department
Humanities Computing and Media Centre
The Department of Theory and Policy Studies of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
University of Sherbrooke History Department

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British Columbia Archives
Royal British Columbia Museum
Library and Archives Canada
University of British Columbia Special Collections
Selkirk College Special Collections
Nelson Museum and Archives

Staff – Death of Peter Verigin Site

This was the work of a large and talented team. The originator, research director, organizer, editor, administrator and the writer of the index pages for this site was Dr. Larry Hannant, an adjunct history professor at the University of Victoria. Research for the whole site was conducted by Andrei Bondoreff, Jon Clapperton, Jana Steffan, who also were responsible for proofreading and technical assistance. Typing by Karen Garrett. Other research work was done by Deborah Demers, Shawna Lamb and staff at the University of Oregon Library. Assistance and consultation came from Gerelt-Od Bayantur, Larry Black, Heather Gleboff, Steve Lapshinoff, Tom McGauley, Jack McIntosh, and Koozma Tarasoff.

Translations from Russian to English have been the work of Irina Gavrilova, Jack McIntosh and Boris Sark.

The translation of this site from English to French was done by Françoise McNeil, and proofreading was by Marie Gagnon.

Teachers' Guides were produced under the direction of Dr. Ruth Sandwell.

The Interpretations were written by Larry Ewashen, Larry Hannant, Koozma Tarasoff and Tom Townsend.

About the Design

The website was designed by Don Craig of Hot House Marketing & Design, Victoria. The colours and the design at the opening pages were suggested by those of Doukhobor tapestries and clothing.

Staff — Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History Project

Designer: Don Craig, Hot House Marketing

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Technical Advisors: Scott Gerrity and Stewart Arneil

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Website Mark-Up: Patrick Szpack, Naomi Eichenlaub

Editorial and Database

Heather Gleboff
Carolyne Blanchard
Glenn Wigmore


Merna Forster, Executive Director

Françoise McNeil, Translation Co-ordinator

Dr. John Lutz, co-director
Dr. Ruth Sandwell, co-director
Dr. Peter Gossage, co-director


The content of this site is copyrighted by the Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History Project, excepting much of the documentary and photographic material housed in the British Columbia Archives, the Library and Archives Canada, Nelson Museum and Archives, Selkirk College Library, the University of Victoria Special Collections, the Doukhobor Discovery Centre, Castlegar, B.C., the Jim Hamm Collection at UBC Special Collections, Koozma Tarasoff and Larry Hannant, all of which is published here with permission. Permission is granted for students and teachers to print and reproduce the material on the site for non-profit educational use only. Further use is not permitted without permission of the copyright holders.

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