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Almost everything on this website is a primary document – that is, it is a document either produced at or near the time of Peter Verigin’s death or produced years later by investigators who were re-opening an inquiry into his death. The exceptions are the “Cast of Characters” and the “Timeline,” which have been written just for this website, to help orient you. Also new to this site are the interpretations that are accessible from this page. These latter sources are secondary sources.

This section contains essays written in 2005 by two authors of Doukhobor ancestry, one academic historian and a forensics expert, who relies on science and technology to investigate and establish facts in criminal cases. Each of these essays has been written by a person with a long-standing interest in Doukhobor history or some special expertise in analyzing the dynamics of explosions. Although their backgrounds give them particular analytical tools, their interpretations are based on a familiarity with the same documentary evidence that you have viewed.

Teachers can request access to the experts' interpretations of the mysteries that have been created for each site. We have made this section password-protected to encourage students to come up with their own interpretations of primary documents, rather than relying on other people's analyses. To access the Interpretations just fill in our online registration form and await your password.

Access the interpretations