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The Ukranian Labour News and the Farron Explosion

Calgary, 1st April, 1925

Explosion on C.P.R. Train, Farron, B.C.
Bolshevik Agitation among the Doukhobors
I.Kulyk, Ukrainian Soviet Trade Delegate in Canada

The Ukrainian Labour News, dated 26th March, 1925, published a special article about the above named, who was in Winnipeg about March 20th, 1925. It is mentioned in this article that during the presence of I.Kulyk in Winnipeg, he met with Doukhobor delegations regarding the immigration of Doukhobors to the Soviet Republic. The Independent group of Doukhobors was represented by delegates, Potapoff, Mokasiew, Konkin and others. The Communist (Brotherhood) group of Doukhobors was represented by Kozakoff. The conference between I.Kulyk and the Doukhobor delegates was supposed to be successful but in what way it does not mention. I have reported before about the Doukhobors immigration and I.Kulyk and it seems to me that Kulyk is agitating very strongly to get the Doukhobor dollars from Canada to Russia.

Source: Library and Archives Canada, , RG 25 Series G1 Vol. 1422 File 379, Unknown, The Ukranian Labour News and the Farron Explosion, April 1, 1925.

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