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Lions Club of Eugene Oregon to Department of Immigration

Lions Club Eugene Oregon

March 29, 1924
Department of Immigration Ottawa, Ontario Canada


I have been referred to your Department, for information regarding the Doukhobor Colony which has been operating in Canada for several years.

The leader of this sect has recently been in our community and has made arrangements to purchase eight thousand acres of land, and to come I here with approximately eight thousand of these people.

We desire some direct and truthful information regarding the desirability of these people, and on behalf of the Lions Club of Eugene, I have been instructed to take this matter up with your office. We have heard some very adverse criticism of this Colony, and if they are the undesirables which rumors indicate, we certainly do not care to have them in our community.

Thank you for any information which you can give us on behalf of the city of Eugene, Oregon, I am

J. H. McKinley

Source: Library and Archives Canada, RG 76, Vol. 185 File 65101 Pt. 11 Reel C-7340, J. H. McKinley, Lions Club of Eugene Oregon to Department of Immigration, March 29, 1924.

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