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American Legion Telegram to RCMP

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Office of the Commissioner Ottawa

March 31st 1924

I quote below [a telegram] received with respect to Doukhobors settling at Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A. [...]

Eugene Oregon
March 30th 1924.

Kindly send me any information regarding the Doukhobors you can They are contemplating settlement here and we are striving to gain information regarding them Are they desirable Write fully any information will be appreciated.

(Sgd) K.C. Ables
American Legion Post Eugene Oregon

and I shall be glad if you will kindly take what action you deem necessary in the matter.

I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant,
[Signed]Cortlandt Starnes

The Deputy Minister Department of Immigration and Colonization Ottawa, Ont.

Source: Library and Archives Canada, RG 76, Vol. 185 File 65101 Pt. 11 Reel C-7340, Cortlandt Starnes, American Legion Telegram to RCMP, March 31, 1924, March 31, 1924.

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