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A.M. Johnson Letter to Verigin, July 18, 1919

July 18th, 1919.

Peter Verigin, Esq.,
Brilliant, B.C.

Dear Mr. Verigin :-

You have doubtless seen articles in the newspapers in the Upper-country, the Grand Forks Gazette and the Nelson Daily News, concerning nude parades of Doukhobors, close to the north Fork branch of the Kettle Valley Railway.

I understand that this settlement is some five miles north of Grand Forks, and the train crew told me less than two weeks ago, that they witnessed those parades daily.

Apparently the public is highly incensed over the matter and very properly so. I wish you would advise me at once whether the Doukhobors in question are members of your Community and if they are, whether the Community has taken any steps to put an end to this practice. [...]

Stringent measures must and will be used to put a stop to these disgusting practices. If you have any control over these people at all you would be doing them a favor if you advised them of the Government’s intention.

If on the other hand this particular settlement is in no way connected with the Community, then the Government must deal with them apart from you, and I would be extremely obliged if you would let me have the fullest information as to who these people are and why they resort to these practices.

Yours sincerely,
“A.M. Johnson”
Deputy Attorney-General.

Source: Library and Archives Canada, , RG 76 Vol. 185 File 65101 pt 10 Microfilm, C-7340, A.M. Johnson, A.M. Johnson Letter to Verigin, July 18, 1919, July 18, 1919.

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