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Day And Night Before The Explosion He Was In Farron Area.


Was In Heaven Several Times; Barred From Community.

GRAND FORKS, Nov. 6 Arrest of "Orange Sam," or Sam Kamenshikoff, one of the fanatical Doukhobors of the North Fork district, which took place at Castlegar at the week-end, fearing his making trouble at the funeral of Peter Verigin, may yet furnish a real clue to the bombing of the railway coach at Farron, October 29. when John MacKie, Peter Verigin and seven others lost their lives.

Kamenshikoff is said to have spent the day before the tragedy within a few miles of Farron; that he was the first Doukhobor on the scene of the wreck following the explosion and that it is said that he and the late Peter Verigin were recently combatants in a fisted dual at the Grand Forks depot.


Kamenshikoff is one of a group of Doukhobors who were exiled from the Verigin community because of their "advanced" religious beliefs. With them Verigin was not the Holy Spirit, because several of them claimed to have been to the celestial regions several times and had personal acquaintances themselves.

To designate his religious advancement, Kamenshikoff wore about a dozen oranges in the form of a crown, which was made him quite conspicuous among the flock in recent years.

One evening two months ago Kamenshikoff accosted Verigin at the local railway station, and whatever may have been the conversation, it resulted in quite a physical battle, in which Verigin gave Orange Sam quite severe usage, according to spectators.

Although never friendly with Verigin, because of not being allowed to visit the community, Kamenshikoff is said to have frequently expressed a grudge against the leader.


Kamenshikoff ordinarily lives a few miles of Grand Forks, and is rarely elsewhere, but it now transpires that he spent the day and night before the tragedy within an hour's walk of the scene of the wreck. allegedly on railway construction work.

Robert Kabatoff, who has known Verigin many years, was one of the two or three local Doukhobors who rushed to the scene of the accident early Wednesday morning. They went by motor part way and then walked some miles. He states that on his arrival there Kamenchikoff was already looking over the wreckage, and was able to direct as to location of Verigin's body.

Police are following up the clues closely, and are now trying definitely to place Kamenshikoff at the time of the wreck.

Source: "Orange Sam Got Beating From Peter," Nelson Daily News, November 7, 1924.

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