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Make an Example of Anyone Carrying Dynamite on Train

One outstanding fact which has been brought out by the inquiries into the train explosion near Farron is that it is a fairly common practice for some passengers to carry dynamite in their grips.

Probably the practice is not as widespread among those who use dynamite in their ordinary employment as might be supposed, but it is evidently sufficiently practiced to justify the putting into effect of stern measures to stop it.

Railway train crews cannot be expected to search passengers’ baggage for high explosives, but it would be good business for the attorney-general’s department to take steps to catch anyone who might be guilty of this criminally dangerous practice.

Let one or two persons be caught with dynamite aboard a train or steamer and be punished to the limit of the law, and the practice would very soon be discontinued.


Source: "Make an Example of Anyone Carrying Dynamite on Train," Nelson Daily News, November 7, 1924.

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