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Two Suspicious Characters Peered Into Windows Before Reaching Farron

VANCOUVER. Oct. 31.-The alarm clock which is believed to have formed part of the bomb which killed nine in Wednesday's explosion on the coast- Kootenay train, was of Italian man ufacture according to information sent by provincial police officers to Attor- ney-General Manson.

The Canadian Pacific railway inves- tigation department is following clues in the hope of ascertaining who was responsible for the explosion.

One Man Got Aboard

It is reported that at one of the stations before Farron was reached two suspicious characters were no- ticed by passengers walking along the platform looking into the windows of various coaches. One of the men is said to have boarded the train. Rail- way, provincial and Royal Canadian Mounted Police are all working on the case.

The disaster has no parallel in the history of railroading on the continent, and the loss of life is the greatest in the company's history in the British Columbia division.

Bodies of three victims of the ex- plosion on the train will be buried in Vancouver, this of John McKie, W. J. Armstrong and H.K. Fawcett.

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