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Statement of George Zeboroff

Statement of George Zeboroff. October[[sic - should read November]] 4th, 1924.

I boarded train No. 11, tuesday October 28th 1924 at Castlegar, alone. At next station to West Robson the brakeman came and sat down with me, we were seated in second seat from rear end, next to smoker, North Side. As soon as I entered train I noticed Mr. Verigin and girl in coach, one hindu in seat behind myself and two on the other side. Mr. Verigin was in centre of car on same side as myself. I also noticed McKie who was close to Mr. Verigin in seat on other side of car.

Brakeman asked me where I had been and I replied "up at Birchbank packing apples."

After a little while brakeman left me and later on returned from sleeper, and Conductor came into coach from Baggage car they both met in day coach in aisle beside where Mr. Verigin was seated. This occurred before train arrived at Tunnel. The big one. When Conductor and Brakeman met I noticed both of them look under seats on both sides of aisle near where Mr. Verigin was seated. I then saw Brakeman stoop down and take a lighted lantern from between seats on North side ahead of Mr. Verigin. Brakeman left car and went into sleeper, Conductor went into baggage car. Conductor and Brakeman passed through car several times and afterwards I saw both of them come into car from Baggage car, the brakeman had lighted lantern in hand, Conductor had nothing I again saw Conductor look under seat on South side, near where Mr. McKie was seated. Conductor and Brakeman then proceeded to rear end of train and the next I saw of the brakeman was when he came through car to shut ventilators for tunnel. I noticed three independent doukhobor section men get on train when it was stopped, but I am not sure at what point it was. They took seats three or four seats ahead of me on south side of car one of them came to me and sat down beside me and asked me where I came from, to which I replied Birchbank, after a few minutes this man left me for smokingroom. Very shortly after tgis [[sic]] I lay down and fell asleep in seat. Next thing I remember I was lying down on top of one of the independent doukhobor in the seat they were sitting in three or four seats forward, and my coat was beginning to burn, when I saw fire I got up on my feet and felt blood running down my face, I was scared of fire and tried to get out of rear door but could not open it as it was blocked with debris, I then noticed there was no glass in side of car, I attempted to get out of window head first but could not do so, so I got out feet first and felt my chest sore, I was unable to walk but after a little while I got up and went towards rear end of train where I tried to get into sleeper but was prevented by Porter who told me he was not ready for me. I stood outside sleeper for a few minutes when two men came, helped me into car and put me to bed in the sleeper. Train then left for Nelson where I went into hospital.

Names of Independent Doukhobors on train with me are Nick Reiben, Geo. Kazakoff and Geo. Markin.

Witness: J.P. Shukin George Zebroff
Witness: [indecipherable]] Grand Forks

Source: Nelson Museum, , , George Zebroff, Statement of George Zebroff, November 4, 1924.

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