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BCPP Report Re: Simeon Kamenchikoff


File No.

"B" Division. Nov. 7th, 1924.
District, West Kootenay,
Detachment, Nelson. P.C.R.



RE: Simeon Kamenchikoff, alias Czar of Heaven.

Murder Suspect.

At about 6.30 p.m. Saturday November 1st, 1924, received a 'phone message from Inspector Dunwoody, Grand Forks, B.C., to the effect that the above named Simeon Kamenchikoff had taken a ticket from Grand Forks, B.C. to Brilliant. B.C. on the Canadian Pacific Railway, and to proceed to the latter point and arrest him tonight without fail. Accompanied by Corporal Johnston of Trail, who is on temporary duty at Nelson, we left Nelson for Brilliant by motor, and owing to the condition of the road and the down pour of rain at the time we arrived at Brilliant about 9.25 p.m., just before the train arrived. Upon arrival of the train we searched same without result, and was then informed by some Doukhobors that Kamenchikoff got off the train at Castlegar. Corp'l Johnston accompanied by two of the Community Doukhobors proceeded along the Railway track to Castlegar and I proceeded along the road. Upon arrival at Castlegar we ascertained he had taken a room at the Castlegar Hotel, proceeding to his room he was placed under arrest and his effects searched. We arrived back at Nelson about 1.30 a.m. of Nov. 2nd, and placed Kamenchikoff in the Provincial Gaol.

This man was arrested, I believe, owing to some statements he is alleged to have made in connection with the explosion on the train near Farron, B.C. on the morning of Oct. 29th, 1924.

Attached herewith is a copy of a statement taken from Kamenchikoff on the 5th instant.

(signed)Ernest Gammon.
i/c West Kootenay District.

To the
Officer Commanding,
"B" Division
B.C. Police,
Nelson, B.C.

Source: Library and Archives Canada, Access to Information Act, RG:18; Vol. 3306; File 1924-HQ-750-E-1-1, Ernest Gammon, "BC Provincial Police Crime Report," November 7, 1924.

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