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Statement of Bud Singh

Statement of Bud Singh, taken on the 31st October, 1924.

Bud Singh, I came from Wasa, I was going to Grand Forks, with intention of going on to Vancouver. I was not asleep when the explosion took place, there was three Hindoos on train, I was sitting at back of coach, I did not notice anything unusual previous to explosion. I was carried out of coach and put in sleeping car. I had two suit cases, One big clock with wood frame, the other was small clock with red nickel or paint these were in my grips and were destroyed in explosion.

His X mark
Signed.Bud Singh.

John F. Johnson

Exhibit 16.
C. W. Tyler.

Source: Library and Archives Canada, Access to Information Act, RG:18; Vol. 3306; File 1924-HQ-750-E-1-1, Bud Singh, Bud Singh Statement To RCMP, n.d..

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