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Statement of George Kazikoff

Statement of George Kazikoff, taken on the 31st October, 1924

I was working at the Tunnel on Section, Nick Reibin, George Markin and myself got on train at Tunnel and I went back in Smoker with George Markin and had a smoke, returning to seat in coach where Nick Reiben was sitting, I think I was in Smoker when train was at Farron, one man came into smoking room while we were there, after returning to coach from Smoker, I noticed the man with black mostache returning from smoker, I was sitting about three seats behind Mr. Verigin and a Doukhobor girl who appeared to be asleep when I returned from Smoker, I went to sleep on coach and did not know anything until the explosion, I got out of the wrecked coach and got into the sleeper Joseph Turner, Conductor assisting me.

Signed. Geo. Kazakoff

Source: Library and Archives Canada, Access to Information Act, RG:18; Vol. 3306; File 1924-HQ-750-E-1-1, George Kazikoff, George Kazikoff Statement To RCMP, n.d..

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