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Statement of George Markin

Statement of George Markin, taken on the 31st October, 1924

I got on train with Nick Reibin and George Kasikoff at the Tunnel. I was sitting in the seat with George Zebroff in the coach, we sat for five or six minutes, I then went to the Smoking Room, I had a smoke, as soon as I got through I came back to coach and sat down beside Nick Reiben and went to sleep, I did not remember anything until the explosion, I did not remember any more to I got to Hospital.

Signed. Geo. Markin.

Source: Library and Archives Canada, Access to Information Act, RG:18; Vol. 3306; File 1924-HQ-750-E-1-1, George Markin, "George Markin Statement to RCMP," n.d..

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