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Post Mortem on Mary Strelaeff et al.



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C.W. Tyler
Nelson, B. C. Oct. 30, 1924

Post Mortem on Mary Strelaeff et al.

I Frederick S. Eaton a registered Physician and Surgeon in Canada have today performed a Post Mortem on the bodies of W. Armstrong, Mary Strelaeff and Neill Murray and the following are my findings -

Mary Strelaeff

The body of a well nourished white woman of about 20 years of age.

Fractured middle right thigh
Superficial burns from ankle to knee right leg. Burns also appeared on left - all first degree.
Bruise over and above right eye, also bruise in center of forehead.
After dissection I find fracture under the bruise in forehead extending 1" above line of nose to forehead extending 5"
backward and to the left. This fracture in skull is the cause of death.

[signed]Frederick S. Eaton

Subscribed and sworn before me at the City of
Nelson, County of Kootenay,
Province of British Columbia,
this 3rd day of October 1924.
M. Rose J.P.

Source: Library and Archives of Canada, Access to Information Act, HQ-750-1-1; RG:18; Vol. 3306, Frederick S. Eaton, "Post Mortem On Mary Strelaeff et al.," October 30, 1924.

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