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Oliver Reply to Verigin, April 1, 1926

Apr. 1st, 1926

Mr. L. W. Verigin,
Lordly Christian Community of
Universal Brotherhood,
Brilliant, BC

Dear Sir:

Your letter of March 25th has been received. My information is to the effect that the Doukhobors have a community organization under the laws of the Dominion of Canada, and that the property under the law is the property of the shareholders, who elect directors to administer the affairs of the organization.

I know of no reason why, because there is a difference of opinion between members of the organization, the Government should interfere with their organization and property affairs.

I, therefore, cannot recommend the appointment of a Commission such as you suggest, certainly not with the information at present before me.

Yours truly,


Source: BC Archives / Selkirk College Special Collections KCIR Cabinet, Premier – 1926 Doukhobor, GR 441 vol 255 File B, John Oliver, Oliver Reply to Verigin, April 1, 1926 , April 1, 1926.

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