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Leaders Enter Into A Pact With Dunwoody
Brilliant and Grand Forks Colonies Ratify at Mass Meetings
All Available Schools Will Be Filled With Pupils Today

Victoria, May 5. — Armistice in the "war" between the British Columbia government and the Doukhobor settlement was announced this afternoon by Hon. A.M. Manson, attorney-general.

The Douks have paid the balance of $1562 of the $4000 fines levied on them for failure to send their children to the school, and announced they would start sending their children to school tomorrow.

Grand Forks, May 5. — That an apparently satisfactory arrangement had been reached between the Doukhobor Community on the one hand, through their representatives, and Inspector W.R. Dunwoody of the provincial police, and School Inspector P.H. Sheffield, on the other, over the Doukhobor nonattendance matter, was the information given out at noon today, following a conference.

All the available schools will be filled with Doukhobor children tomorrow morning, they stated.

Eight Pending Cases Adjourned

This followed a session of Magistrate Neil McCallum's court this morning at 11 o'clock, when eight cases against the Doukhobors for nonattendance were further adjourned till Saturday, at the request of J.P. Shukin, vice-president, and George Zebroff and Cecil Koochin, local officials of the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood, who appeared and tendered payment of the balance due on the previous fines and costs.

Timber Sale Called Off

As a result of this payment, the sale of timber advertised for tomorrow has been withdrawn.

Dunwoody Gives Details

Dunwoody said the agreement between he, Sheffield and "six Doukhobor leaders" had been reached Saturday.

Source: "Douks Will Send Children To School," Nelson Daily News, May 6, 1925.

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