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Court Seizes Douks' Effects To Pay Fines
Railway Ties, Cement, Machinery, Office Equipment All in Bag

A Local Leader Starts to Disrobe but Changes His Mind

Grand Forks, April 12, — The main thoroughfare from the Doukhobor property to a warehouse downtown was yesterday the scene of a continuous stream of truck loads of chattels seized by government officers to recover fines of more than $4000 levied by the court, Thursday, on members of the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood for failure to send their children to school.

The seizures were in charge of Inspector W.R. Dunwoody, who with half a dozen of chief lieutenants, was mounted. He had 10 regular constables from other districts, and had commandeered about 100 men from road gangs and others to assist as special constables.

Tackle Warehouse First

They left with a score of trucks and other motors at 11 in the morning, and first seizures were made at the Doukhobor warehouse.

Five carloads of railway ties lying on a spur were first seized, then the contents of the warehouse, including office equipment, cement, quantities of peas and beans, two old motors, and other machinery.

Coochin Halts at Sight of Whip

The absolute quietness and entire absence of resistance was thought to be ominous. Neither the police nor the people can understand it, as the Doukhobors have always put up a strenuous fight in the past. Whether this is part of some plan, or whether it was that the overwhelming forces which accompanied the officers to carry out the court's order put them in dismay has not come to light as yet.

Only a handful of Doukhobors put in an appearance at the warehouse.

Some women cried frantically, and P. Coochin, one of the head executives of the colony here, objected to the removal of a box of tools, took off his coat and said they would give the officers their clothes too. A big whip in the hands of one of the officers suggested possibilities, and he put his coat on again.

Source: "10 Mounted Officers, 100 Helpers, Raid;Trucks Cart Doukhobor Chattels to Forks," Nelson Daily News, April 25, 1925.

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