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Peter Veregin Says Revolution in Russia Has Brought About Conditions Desired by Doukhobors.


Suggestion Advanced That Holdings Might be Bought for Returned Soldiers

[ Peter V. Verigin, Anastasia Holobova and others in Russia in 1906.  Standing on Verigin's left is a translator from Canada who accompanied the group, Dmitri Gretchen, apparently not related to the mysterious Metro Grishin, Unknown, Koozma Tarasoff personal collection 544 ]

GRAND FORKS, B.C., Feb. 12 –
That the Doukhobors of Canada – officially known as the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood Doukhobors – have in contemplation the removal of all members of their several communities in Canada back to their native country in Russia, was the statement of Peter Veregin, leader of the Doukhobors in Canada, in his interview here. The statement was made through an interpreter, John Kabroff, one of the executive members of the local colony, in reply to a query.

Mr. Veregin pointed out that there was still a large number of Doukhobors in Russia and it was desired to bring them and the Doukhobors in Canada together either in this country or over there. He said the Sociallistic government now in power in Russia was in line with the ideals of the Doukhobors and has had a considerable bearing in bringing about the probability of those here returning to their native land. No decision has been arrived at, however, and in any event would not be put into effect until after the war, said Mr. Veregin.

News that Doukhobors will probably leave the country will be regarded as news too good to be true, says the Grand Forks Gazette. While it cannot be denied that the sect are not without good qualities and have performed a service in bringing under cultivation many districts that might have remained idle, the conditions under which they exist make them more or less of a menace to the Canadian population which has them for neighbours. There is no possibility of assimilation and a problem is created for many years to come at least.

Source: "Colonists May Leave Canada," Vancouver World, February 12, 1918.

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