Most Skeptical Russians Hold Second Front Now Imminent

[ Comrade, do you see anyone coming? ]

Comrade, do you see anyone coming?, Vicky, 1942-08, A year after the Second Front was promised in Western Europe, the USSR is still waiting for help from the West to confront the German Wehrmacht

Moscow, June 28 (BUP). – The joint statement Saturday by President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill was hailed here today as proof of the approaching materialization of a second front in Europe, predicted by Premier Josef Stalin as early as last Nov. 7.

Even the most skeptical of Soviet observers no longer doubted the imminence of an Allied offensive in the west after the announcement of Anglo-American agreement on a plan to “divert German strength from the attack on Russia.”

Foreign Commissioner V. M. Molotoff told United States Ambassador William H. Standley after he returned from Washington and London that absolute agreement on a second front had been reached in both capitals.

The statement was given prominent display in the Soviet press, but it arrived too late for editorial comment. Molotoff was understood to have brought back enthusiastic reports of British and American readiness to act without delay, together with a profound personal admiration for Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Churchill.

Source: No author, "Most Skeptical Russians Hold Second Front Now Imminent," Globe and mail, June 29, 1942

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