A/C General against Chipman [1861]

General against Chipman 1861

11, 12 & 13
John Hutchison

Parish of Chipman
To Sundries DM


To John Hutchison’s Bill for Keeping And tending a Frozen Strange Man£24.9.10
Samuel Whites a/c “19.6.3
Doctor Peters’ Bill against Parish30.15.0

To the Honourable Ths.

Judges and Justices
In General Session of the Peace in Gagetown Convened


Whereas the above Bill has been inured by the Pulling up and bringing into, the Said Parish of Chipman a Poor Frozen Strange Man found in the Wilderness near Cane’s River in the County of Northhumberland by a Lumbering Party, and thrown on the Parish of Chipman aforesaid, the overseers of the Poor in said Parish in Humanity to their fellow Creature took cogniscence of the Stranger’s Case in truth, in Justice and in Judgement, to discharge Said Dedt, they the overseers of Poor, and Parishioners of Chipman do Solicit your Honours to Mark a County Debt thereof as the Party is a foreigner and has no settled Residence in the Province.

Signed by the Overseers of Poor in the
Parish of Chipman in behalf of the People

John O’Leary
George Benison
Samuel White
(overseers of Poor)

Source: New Brunswick Provicial Archives, Queen's County, Health and Welfare, Overseers of the Poor, Chipman Parish, 1839-1877, RS154 E3e, John O'Leary, George Benison, Samuel White, "A/C General against Chipman [1861]," 1861.

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