Overseers Poor for the Parish of Chipman
Queen’s County
For money to pay support of a poor foreigner.

To His Excellency Hon. John Henry Thomas Manning Sutton Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of the Province of New Brunswick &c. &c. &c.

To the Hon. Her Majesty’s Council and House of Assembly.

Whereas a Frozen Man, – A Foreigner, People Expect an Italian by Nation. – Has been Picked up by A Lumbering Party, on the Head of the Gaspereau Stream. – in the Wilderness far from any House or Camp, nor neither did the Parties know in what Parish or County in which they Picked him up. – He cannot Speak English or understand it, therefore he Cannot tell from whence he camp or to where bound;

However he was bought into the Parish of Chipman in Queen’s County by Said Party and thrown on the Hands of the Overseers of the Poor of Said Parish in a Deplorable Condition they the said Overseers in Humanity to their Fellow Creature took him under their care and Provided from thenceforth for him although the Expense incurred by him to Said Parish will be heavy. However they confide in the Humanity of the Legislative Body of our Province who always Extend their Charity and Benevolence to the Poor, Needy and Distressed; that they will in like Manner Extend their Charity, in this Case by Granting twenty or twenty five Pounds or any other Sum that they in their Discretion may think Proper to the overseers of the Poor of Said Parish towards Defraying the Expenses of Said Poor Stranger. And by so doing, the Parishioners of Said Parish will ever pray.

Signed by the Overseers of the Poor of Said Parish, in behalf of the Parishioners.

Samuel White
George Bennison
John O’Leary
(Overseers of Poor Chipman)

Source: New Brunswick Provicial Archives, Records of John H. T. Manners-Sutton, Lieutenant-Governor, RS347 C8, John O'Leary, George Benison, Samuel White, "Overseers of the Poor for the Parish of Chipman Queens County 1861 for money to pay support of a poor foreigner," ca. March 31, 1861. Notes: Archivist indicates that document is ca March 1861

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