Overseers of the Poor a/c Chipman [1863]

Paid John Caldwell in part for Transporting An Italian pauper $111.37
Paid George Galaghar in part for Boarding And Lodging the said pauper 40.00


By Balance in hand$13.00
Received from Collector151.37
 Due the Parish13.00

1863 Collector Parish of Chipman

To Amount of Warrant $200.00


Paid the Overseers of Poor164.37
“ Assessors Fees12.00
My Own Fees14.00390.37
 Not collected Due the Parish9.60

The Poor Masters Report

The Parish is Due George Galaghar in full for keeping the Pauper 86.00 And Due Caldwell 8.00 for Transporting the Same

[illegible signature] Jan 19th 1864

Source: New Brunswick Provicial Archives, Queen's County, Health and Welfare, Overseers of the Poor, Chipman Parish, 1839-1877, RS154 E3e, Overseers of the Poor Chipman, "Overseers of the Poor a/c Chipman [1863]," January 19, 1864.

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