Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History
Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History

The Mysteries

Where Is Vinland?

Torture and the Truth: Angélique and the Burning of Montreal

Jerome: The Mystery Man of Baie Sainte-Marie

Who Killed William Robinson? Race, Justice and Settling the Land

We Do Not Know His Name: Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War

Heaven and Hell on Earth: The Massacre of the "Black" Donnellys

Who Discovered Klondike Gold?

The Redpath Mansion Mystery NEW!

Death on a Painted Lake: The Tom Thomson Tragedy NEW!

Aurore! The Mystery of the Martyred Child

Explosion on the Kettle Valley Line: The Death of Peter Verigin

Death of a Diplomat: Herbert Norman & The Cold War NEW!

Mystery Quests
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